Monday, December 14, 2009

20 minute Christmas Cards

I am not very good at sending Christmas Cards. I did it once, and honestly, I think they are packed away in a box somewhere, never really having been sent.

So tonight, in 20 minutes and thanks to Paperless Post, my family's Christmas cards have been sent, quickly and best of all, environmentally friendly! I promise that the same amount of love went into them...more really, since you will actually receive them!

I love the internet.


  1. The only bummer thing on our end is that I can't hang your card up with my other cards! But given that I wouldn't have received one otherwise, that's ok. Can you also put pictures in the cards with Paperless Post?

    Also on another note, how did you come up with your blog title?

  2. Loved the card! And printed it out for Ry. I have a garage full of cards but yet to send Christmas cards in 5 years! And I am always so behind...just found Zoe's Halloween goody for her...yikes! That Paperless Post is cool! :)