Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sew....Where Have You Been?

I know.

It's been a long time. I don't know where the time has gone...but here we are, mid-October and with what to show for it?

So around the last time I blogged, I started sewing again. It started pretty innocently. I stopped by a fabric store to find some ribbon for a cake I was making, and I was bit by the fabric bug. I am, for the most part, a self-taught seamstress. My aunt, who is also my godmother, taught me the basics when I was in high school. I became interested again after finding a couple of blogs that had some really cool projects and it pretty much snowballed since then. So here we are now, and I am thinking about's gonna be a handmade holiday this year!

But first, some housecleaning...

Can you say "meh".  This started out as...I really don't know what,  but I added some Velcro to the back and to the edge of my table and called it an organizer. Ugly is what it is, and it holds way too much stuff.

TaDa! SMS Pincushion Organizer by Elizabeth Hartman.

This sewing machine organizer came from a Butterick pattern that I bought at Joann's when they had one of their Super-Duper Mega Discount sales.  Well, that's what I call them.  The last one had Butterick patterns for 99 cents. Each. I know.
As you can tell by my shoes on the floor...I like gray.
Much better. I need to remove the Velcro from the table, but not until I make an organizer for my scissors.  I don't like having them on the table. I find that if they are put away, no one in the house helps themselves to my good scissors.  If they are on the table, then they are like pretzels and peanuts at the bar. You can't really be sure who has been handling them...

One last piece of advice....PIN! Don't be lazy.  Everything you make will come out SO much better!

Happy Sewing!

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